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Who We Are:

Mockingbird Melody is a student ran 501(c)3 non-profit that spreads their love for music by performing at senior homes, hospital centers, libraries, and raising money for charities through charity concerts. 

What We've Done

Since its founding in 2011, Mockingbird Melody has made tremendous impact across New Jersey, performing over 300 times for various community locations. Mockingbird also hosts 2 concerts a month and have raised thousands of dollars for charity since their founding.

Our Team

MBM members are especially dedicated and passionate towards empowering their community through music. Many of us not only play music in school, but attend various outside of school orchestras such as the Julliard Precollege Institution, Bravura Youth Orchestra, Veritas Orchestra, Regional Orchestra, and All State Orchestra. We all come together despite the workload high school brings for a common purpose of bringing the life of music to the venues we play at, and reminding the importance of community in an ever divided world. 

Mockingbird Melody not only provides an invaluable service to the community but also provides many benefits to the individual members for their efforts.


  • The satisfaction of Serving the Community 

  • Community Service Hours 

  • President's Volunteer Service Award 

  • ​MBM Volunteer Excellence Award 

  • Experience in a Non-School Organization 

  • Practice and Improvement of Musical Skills 

  • Leadership Experience 

  • Teamwork and Commitment Experience

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