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Mockingbird Melody is a student run organization founded in 2011. Our goal is to bring delight to the elderly in nursing homes and hospitals through classical music performances. Throughout our many services and performances at multiple locations, we always feel at home with the residents there. We aspire to inspire other students to give back to the community through our services.

Our Roots

Most MBM members are student musicians in New Jersey who are very active in volunteer services as well as music study. Some of us study or have studied in prestigious musical institutions such as the Juilliard Pre-College, and some just play music as a hobby. Now, many members are in college in other states. However, we still continue being involved in the volunteer services by further expanding our mission to include another world that we have not yet approached.


Our Team

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While the current services in local hospitals and care facilities will continue with an increasing number of student members with warm mind, the members at college will work on its long range goals to help the disadvantaged in the world, as well as in the nation, with music and other services. Africa is one of places where we are seriously considering to volunteer, and we started dialogues with organizations that provide education and medical volunteer services in the continent.

Our Vision

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