The People Who Make it Happen

Mockingbird Melody (MBM) is composed of several high school volunteers who are always ready and willing to bring music to the ears of the people. MBM alumni also join them when in town. 

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NaYoung Yang


Violinist NaYoung Yang studied violin performance at the Juilliard Pre-College with Dr. Ann Setzer from 2009 to 2014, and with Dr. Eugenia Choi. During the Pre-College, she also studied piano as a secondary instrument with Ms. Adelaide Roberts. During college, she studied violin with Prof. Soovin Kim of the New England Conservatory of Music. She debuted as a soloist at Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center as a winner of the 2010 New York International Music Competition, and won ~20 national and international music competitions since her first win in 2008. NaYoung played 10 times as a soloist with various orchestras in NY, NJ, and PA, gave four solo recitals and frequently played as a soloist and chamber in various venues. During college, she played as a concertmistress at a few concerts of the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra (HRO) and was a concertmaster of Harvard College Opera. She served as President of the HRO in 2017 and is currently a Board Member of the HRO Foundation. She is a former soloist and concertmaster of the London Doctors Orchestra and Choir during the 2019 season.

After receiving her BA from Harvard University in 2018, she earned her Master of Public Health from Imperial College London in 2019. She is currently a medical student at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School as a Global Health Scholar.

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Ethan Lee

Cello, Music Director

Ethan Lee is a freshman attending Churchill Junior Highschool. He has been playing the cello for  6 years from starting private lessons under the guidance of Dr. Hyojin Lee. Ethan has been part of ensembles such as the CJMEA intermediate orchestra for three years and the All-State intermediate Orchestra for one. Ethan has placed bronze for the 2018 festival and placed Gold for the 2020 festival. Apart from the cello, Ethan enjoys playing all sorts of sports such as soccer, volleyball, and basketball. He also likes to play video games and listen to music as a hobby.

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Michael Sun

2020-2021 co-Music Director

Michael Sun, the concertmaster of the Veritas Youth Orchestra, is a senior at East Brunswick High School. He has studied violin for the last 6 years. Michael has been a member of the New Jersey Music Educators Association Regional and All-State Orchestra for last 5 years. He has also been awarded "High Honors" in the New Jersey Music Teachers Association Competition for 4 consecutive years. Michael has received the Gold Award in the Golden Key Music Festival 2018, and the winner of 2019 National Young Artist Chamber Music Competition performed in both years at Carnegie Hall in New York City. In his free time, Michael enjoys swimming and participating in academic competitions.


Varun Mehrotra

2020-2021 co-Music Director

Varun Mehrotra is currently a senior at East Brunswick High School. He's been playing the double bass for 8 years. He has been a member of the Central Music Educators Association Regions Orchestra and the New Jersey Music Educators Association All-State Orchestra for 5 years, where he's been the assistant principal and principal double bassist of the orchestras. Varun also has been a member of other orchestras outside of school, such as the Veritas Youth Orchestra and the NJSO Academy Orchestra.


Emily Dong

2020-2021 Content Manager

Emily Dong is a senior at East Brunswick High School overseeing media affairs for MBM 2020-2021. She has an interest in international affairs and coding, as well as a hobby in piano and guzheng.


Emma Lin

Cello, Social Media Director

Emma Lin is currently a Junior attending East Brunswick High School. She has been practicing the cello for about six years with private lessons and has experience with piano and violin. Apart from Mockingbird Melody, throughout the years, she has participated in the Central Jersey Music Educators Association Orchestra and the New Jersey Music Educators Association Orchestra. Emma continues to attend several music competitions, some of which have allowed her to perform at the Weill Recital Hall in Carnegie Hall numerous times. She enjoys listening different kinds of music, walking in nature, and experience as much as possible.


Evelyn Chao

Violin and Piano, President 2021-22

Evelyn Chao is a rising sophomore at East Brunswick High School. She has played piano from the age of 6, currently studying under Doctor Azusa Komiyama. She also has been playing violin from the age of 9, currently studying under Ms. Yousun Kim. Evelyn is the principal violinist of Bravura Youth Symphony Orchestra, which she has been apart of for 3 years, and a Gold Medal winner of the New Jersey Solo and Ensemble Festival in both violin and piano. Evelyn’s an avid participant in community events; from helping lead Mockingbird Melody last year to perform in several community concerts despite COVID hardships, to leading the Bravura Youth Orchestra in having numerous concerts around the state for many different communities. In her free time, Evelyn also loves to play volleyball, hangout with friends, and cook delicious food.


Hannah Lin

Violin, Vice President

Hannah Lin is a sophomore at East Brunswick High School. She has played the violin from a young age and has been studying violin with Dr. Sharon Cho for the past four years. Hannah has participated in the Central Jersey and New Jersey regional intermediate orchestras for consecutive years and has received an All-State Intermediate Orchestra recognition award from the East Brunswick Board of Education. Hannah has also auditioned and won in national and international music competitions, many of which were accompanied by performances at venues such as the Weill Recital Hall and the Merkin Concert Hall. At the 2021 New Jersey State Solo and Ensemble Festival, Hannah was judged by a world-class panel of adjudicators and won Gold class as both a violin soloist and violinist in a duet. Apart from the violin, Hannah likes to volunteer and listen to a variety of music.

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Justin Ham


Justin Ham is a sophomore at East Brunswick high school. He has been playing the viola for the last 5 years, starting in 4th grade. He currently plays for the Veritas Youth Symphony Orchestra and has been for the last 3 years. Justin also participated in the CJMEA Regionals Orchestra and currently works under William Law. Besides the viola, he has also played the piano as he traveled to Carnegie Hall and won the Gold award for the Golden Key Music Festival from 2015-2018. In his free time, Justin enjoys various activities such as golf.


Keshav Ramesh

Cello, Music Director

Keshav Ramesh is a sophomore and East Brunswick High School. He has been playing the cello for six years, currently studying under Sean Ryan. He has taken part in the CJMEA Regional Orchestra and achieved a first and second place award during the MAMTG Music Festival. Beyond the cello, his other musical skills include composing and arranging music, playing the piano, and conducting. In his free time, he enjoys caring for his dog, going on walks, and reading.

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Michael Kim

Violin and Piano, Treasury

Michael Kim is currently a sophomore at EBHS. Michael plays the piano as a secondary instrument and enjoys listening to music. Other than being a musician, Michael has keen interest in science and likes to read. He hopes to do well academically and continue his musical endeavors.

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Shayan Chaudhury


Shayan Chaudhury is a 10th grade vocalist at East Brunswick Highschool. He is a member of the high-school’s concert choire, he has participated in the Central Jersey Choire all through middle school and loves Mac and Cheese.


Allison Lee


Allison Lee has been playing the violin and piano for seven years and has performed at both Carnegie Hall and Steinway Hall. She was the assistant concertmaster of the Central Jersey Regional Orchestra for two years and a first violinist in the New Jersey All-State Orchestra. She also received a perfect score and a Gold rating in the New Jersey Solo and Ensemble Festival. In addition to music, Allison enjoys drawing, writing, and playing table tennis.


Emily Asuncion


Emily is a Sophomore at East Brunswick High School. From elementary school up until freshman year at Churchill Junior High School, she has been an active member of chorus. In addition to being an Alto singer, Emily is also experienced in playing guitar and ukulele. While music is a large passion of hers, she also enjoys learning foreign languages, drawing, and photography.


Prashasth Turaga


Prashasth Turaga is currently a sophomore in East Brunswick High School. He has been learning Indian classical music since he was four years old and has since won many state and regional level competitions. He has also been playing the piano for nine years and has performed at the Winners’ Recital at Carnegie Hall. Prashasth currently studies under Lyuda Levkova in Silver Key Music School. In addition, he has been part of his school chorus since fourth grade. Other than music, Prashasth enjoys hanging out with his friends, hiking, and playing frisbee, table tennis, and badminton.


Nishka Rao

Vocal, Music Director

Nishka Rao is a Sophomore at the East Brunswick High School. She has been singing from the age of six. She has won awards in NATS, MAMTG, Laurita Idol, and Freehold Idol in pop and classical music. Nishka has also won in New York Lyric Opera and performed in Symphony Space Hall. Her favorite genres of music are musical theatre and pop. Although Nishka really enjoys singing, her other passions and hobbies include reading dystopian novels and swimming.


Jessica Hong


Jessica Hong is an eighth grader attending Churchill Junior High School. She has been learning the cello for 6 years while playing the piano for 8 years. Having won awards in various cello and piano competitions, such as Golden Key Music Festival, IMPACT Young Artists Competition, International Young Artists Competition, and NJMTA Young Musicians Competition, Jessica is a member of the Bravura Youth Symphony Orchestra and was also the principal cellist of the CJMEA Intermediate Chamber Orchestra. In her free time, Jessica enjoys drawing, bike-riding, birdwatching, and spending time with her friends.


Siri Dasari


Siri Dasari is a senior at East Brunswick High School. She has been studying piano since the age of 6, with ample performing experience at noteworthy concert halls, showcases, nursing homes, and fairs. Siri currently works as the piano accompanist for the East Brunswick Community Choir, playing weekly at rehearsals and performing regularly at concerts. She is also working towards her ABRSM certification in piano. Apart from music, Siri loves to compete on the high school varsity wrestling team and display her artwork in various art shows.

Behind the Scenes/Alumni

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Hannah Lee


2020-2021 President of MBM

CJMEA and NJSYO Participant


Michelle Chung


2020-2021 Communications Director

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Zoe Marie Asuncion


Concert Choir 2020-2021

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Kinolee Kumarasinghe

Pianist and Flute

Tri-M Music Honors Society Member

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Christina Oh


2016-2018 Co-President of MBM

CJMEA and NJMEA Participant

NYLO Senior Member

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Dahmin Lim


2017-2018 Co-President of MBM

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Celina Zhou


2017-2018 Vice President

Bryan Tong

Pianist and Cellist

2017-2018 Music Director

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Tommy Cho

2018-2019 President of MBM

Coordinated all musical events and

managed the MBM website.

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Jessica Ling


2018-2019 Music Director

New Jersey All State Orchestra

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Ray Lee


2016-2017 Co-President of MBM

Bravura Youth Orchestra Member

Jeff Tong


2016-2017 Co-President of MBM

CJMEA and NJMEA Participant

Carnegie Hall Soloist

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Kangmin Lee


2014-2015 Music Director

CJMEA and NJMEA Participant

Bravura Youth Orchestra Member

Sumin Lim


2014-2015 President of MBM

Regional and All-State Orchestra

NAFME National Orchestra

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Rachel Yi


2013-2014 Vice President


Impulse Handbell Choir

Bravura Youth Orchestra

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Philip Mak

2013-2014 Secretary Website


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Albert Cao


2013-2014 Music Director

Juilliard Pre-College

New Jersey Young Artists Competition